Fashionable women watch 2016

  • Fashionable women watch 2016

Any job specification is brought to perfection by accessories.


One of the most tempting – the fashionable watch, they are capable to bring in an image of nobility, elegance or intrigue. What – depends only on your choice and successfully picked up model. Fashion brands of the wrist women watch and their photo the Jewelry tendency in fashion for hours will never disappear. Therefore if in your clothes there is a place elegant evening and day dresses, to expensive business suits and bellows, then such clothes surely should be added with elite model of the fashionable women watch. Trends on jewelry accessories directly two are, first of all, finishing of the dial gemstones. And the second – a logo on the dial from one of the most known hour brands. The best brands, still are in Switzerland and therefore to be mistaken with the choice quite difficult. Such accessory it will become valid this ornament.


The tendency of the last years is aimed at simplicity and grace therefore even the most personalized brands use not elaborate simple forms and design, creating the most fashionable hours. Some excessive embellishments – destiny of those who just counterfeit branded accessories – them it is visible from far away. If you need this ornament, then it is worth purchasing the original, of course.


But in addition to professional Swiss brands with world history this market willingly master many Fashion houses. As a rule, make them also in Switzerland therefore you shouldn't worry about quality. But an indisputable benefit of such accessories is the fact that they are created as addition to the main collection of the Fashionable House. Fashion brands of hours are represented by Milan, Paris and New York. 


If Chanel's style is close to you – safely buy by Chanel. Obvious advantage of such accessories – the fact that the most eminent work on them, and at times and absolutely young but very interesting designers. Therefore their style looks more vividly, more safely and more interestingly than works of the best-known brands. It is too a part of a modern trend which should be considered, solving for themselves – what hours in fashion now. The only thing "but", such accessories are badly combined with the majority of sets in daily style. On this case it is worth looking after at least one more model of less conservative and not too expensively to style.


The absolute alternative to jewelry models is created by a global trend on a sports conduct of life – it a trend of interest in sport wasn't ignored even by coryphaeuses of this business. But in this way it is worth looking for the most interesting and original design offers at young designers and even little-known brands.


The idea of such models has been borrowed from professional athletes, and today has turned into one of the most popular tendencies. The design of such women fashionable watch is simple and is expressly democratic: any gold and diamonds! But not for nothing them in the world of fashion call "clever". What now hours are fashionable in sports style. The functional dial, equipment by the additional options allowing to watch indicators of your activity. At the same time very optimistical design in which it is used plasticity of the most different shades, both opaque, and transparent. It is, perhaps, the only tendency in which not the mechanics, but electronics is used today – and it will favourably allocate them against the background of mass trends too. In such model it is possible to go both to the hall, and to jog, but very stylishly will be to add with her any daily image. They are also absolutely universal during creation of an image as models in male style, with the roundish or square dial on a wide metal bracelet are effective. But it should be taken into account that the trend at massive o'clock of such design has practically come to naught.


Absolutely in other key of feminity will add model in retro style to an image. First of all are tiny accessories on a thin thong which several times twists wrists. For the first time in trends they have appeared in 50-60 years of the last century, and today again have returned to collections.


What fashionable women watch in the spirit of "retro" should be picked up to themselves in a collection? A difficult multilayered thong – not the new idea, still quite recently on it large dials in sports or male style carried. The current trend is aimed at grace. The rectangular, slightly extended on a wrist or round dial is ideally combined with thin thongs, and everything together looks as elegant ornament, the emphasizing lines of a wrist and hands.


In any collection of each consisting brand it is obligatory to eat a line of youth fashionable hours. And here you as today practically all styles and the directions are represented in these collections should choose only. Only what can inorganically look – too expensive status models which are addressed to ladies are more senior.


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